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Maintain | Update | Fine Tune

Efficient & Valuable Maintenance and Support Services

We have maintenance packages to manage, update and improve your website while you focus on building a successful business.  We are efficient, fast to act and always there to help you grow online.



No time or expertise to update and market your website?  That’s where we come in.  We know our platform in & out and update clients’ website efficiently and seamlessly.  Our maintenance package will get you priority to efficiently update your website.  And that’s not all, we also analyze your website your website every 3 months and recommend changes for maximum results.


We offer 100% support to all our clients.  Our ticketing support gives our clients an instant platform to lodge any issue on their website.

Having someone at the other end gives you that comfort & security to help with any issue you have and Niu Designer is available on many medium of contacts.

What’s Involved in the Maintenance & Support Package



  • We update your website contents as per your request, whether it’s texts and/or images.
  • Your website is very important to keep updated to the latest version for security, avoid hacks and site vulnerabilities.
  • If your website all of a sudden breaks or something is wrong with the layout or contents are missing, we are able to fix this for you.
  • It’s more cost effective, our maintenance & support hourly rate is $120/hr so by having a maintenance package and depending on what time you opted for, it is more affordable for you and your business.
  • By buying one of our maintenance package means we will prioritise and action your jobs accordingly
  • Please note this is not covered by our hosting services.  Hosting or our Server is different from your website functionality.
  • Maintenance & Support Packages ranges from $20/month to $120/month depending on your site.
  • Want unlimited maintenace & support 365days?  Our $120/month package covers this.  No need to worry about updating/upgrading your site or uploading any of your contents, whatever amount of time it will take us, this will give you a peace of mind so that you can focus on operating your business.  We will also give you a free website redesign every 24 months to keep your site up to date with the current design & market.


Leave The Maintenance To The Experts While You Focus On Building Your Business

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