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Finally!  Google listened to the people’s request to add the ‘Unsend’ Mail function to Gmail.  To have this kind of feature in the past, you would have had to pay for this.

2015 is definitely a year of technology revolution.

You might be thinking ‘Would it literally pluck my emails out of the receiver’s inbox?’  Well, not really.  Instead, it won’t deliver your email until the cancellation time had passed.  E.g. If you choose the 5 seconds cancellation period, you have 5 seconds to ‘unsend’ your email….after that, it’s delivered to your recipient/s and cannot be undone.

Come on, i’m sure we’ve all had that ‘Oh’ moment with a cringe after you’ve sent that email.  You’re thinking spelling errors, i missed an important point to add, i shouldn’t have said that etc etc…..

So whether you’re using Gmail for business or personal affairs, this little tool will come in handy for those ‘oh moments’.

Here’s how you can set-up the ‘Unsend’ option on your Gmail and yes it will apply to all your ‘other’ email integrations.

1.  Go to Settings (usually top right) – look for that hex nut symbol.

2. Click on Settings

3. Make sure you’re on the ‘General’ Tab

4. On the 10th section you will see ‘Undo Send’

5. Tick ‘Enable Undo Send’ and set the send cancellation period to 5, 10, 20 & 30.

6. Save Changes.

Now you’re all set for the ‘Unsend Email’ but we can agree it’s always best to double check your emails before clicking ‘Send’.  But, we think this is a nice backup just in case you have those email ‘oh no’ moments.

Happy Emailing.

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