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We Create and Combine Beauty & Function for a Winning Website

Having a Strong Design Makes a Huge Difference

Have you ever wondered if your website is performing as it should?  We build high quality, beautiful, easy to navigate and functional website.  If your business, school or organization don’t have a website, you may be missing out on opportunities.


Beautiful & contemporary design makes your site memorable matching your business and personality.  We build a well organized, structured and functional website with simple navigation, user friendly, mobile responsive so your customers can have better experience.

Did You Know?  87% of consumers will never go back to a website after a negative experience.


This includes the main elements to make your website successful and converting traffic to real customers.  We are talking; Call to Action, Any type of forms, Maps, , Videos, Music, E-Commerce, Online Trading, Blogging, Gallery and so much more.  We can integrate these necessary features into any websites.


We know!  Everyone wants Google Ranking Page #1.  Why?  It’s MONEY.  Our clients will instantly get 3 keywords of free organic traffic to be on Page 1 with our web design package.  Have heaps of competitors in your Industry?  Let’s get you on Google Page #1 with our Online Marketing Package.


This is vital for our clients to be able to update their websites When-ever, Where-ever and with What-ever. We give freedom for our clients to update and manage their website with ease.


In 2014, we made sure all our designs are mobile responsive.  We were able to foresee the future of online presence, Google in April 2015 announced the importance of mobile websites for search engines and page rankings.  We were spot on and we continue to work on the next future trends.

Did You Know?  Mobile users far exceeds desktop users. 


NiuDesigner sets up major social network including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business.  Depending on the Industry you’re in, we research, analyze and we both make decisions on what platform your business/organisation is best suited for your goals.


Taking it to the next level, we can integrate your site with the latest service, software and platform to achieve that vision you have.  These integrations applies to more complex websites i.e. online trading, magazine, schools, e-commerce etc. We have successfully executed these interactions with some of our clients.


Website & Hosting maintenance is vital to attracting and retaining customers and to maintain your search engine ranking.  Our focus is on high, quick response time and client service.  Hosting support is free with each package.  We offer website maintenance packages to suit each clients and business.


About 99% of our clients have their hosting & domains in-house at NiuDesigner.com.  Our services are affordable with 99.9% uptime guaranteed using the latest technology for speed, performance and results.  Everything is rolled into an All-in-One Solution.

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